Hegenberger Retractor

Improved postpartum suturing of genital trauma

The Hegenberger Retractor enables a better overview of tears, better working conditions for clinicians and a better patient experience.


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The award-winning, new Hegenberger Retractor

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At MedCo, every member of our talented team is dedicated to the delivery of breakthrough products that will make a meaningful different to womens’ lives – while also proving effective and easy to use for the healthcare professionals caring for those women.

Today, we are proud to introduce to the UK market the Hegenberger Retractor, a groundbreaking advance in post-partum suturing developed by Danish midwife Malene Hegenberger. Although a simple concept, this breakthrough product is brilliant in performance and ease of use and delivers immediate and meaningful benefit for both patient and clinician.

Let us tell you more.

“Suturing is a real challenge for midwives and this retractor could work for primary or secondary tears.”

Senior consultant midwife

At a glance: the key advantages of the Hegenberger Retractor

  • Provides both hands free for suturing with needle holder and forceps
  • Reduces pain for the patient during suturing due to less manipulation
  • Lessens suturing time
  • Removes the need to find the tear between stitches
  • Eliminates the need for an assistant to hold the retractor

  • Optimises working ergonomics during suturing
  • Increases our ability to teach and learn correct suturing due to improved
  • Enhances both experience and outcome
  • Correct suturing due to better overview

Tips and techniques

We passionately believe that women undergoing sensitive medical procedures and the healthcare professionals who care for them so well deserve the highest quality equipment that will optimise the experience and outcome. We always seek to ensure that our ground-breaking products are well understood and easy to use and we have worked closely and collaboratively with a team of midwives to develop these tips and techniques to maximise the benefits of using the Hegenberger Retractor.

Positioning the patient before using the Hegenberger Retractor

  • Ensure the patient’s back is horizontal – the weight of the uterus is 1 kg after birth and the weight should be into the madras and not into the vagina if the woman is semi reclined
  • Adjust the stirrups to the length of the thigh
  • Adjust the position of the lower leg, so the knees are pointing outwards and not up, to take the weight from the thighs and the buttocks away from the perineum
  • Place the patient in a slight reverse Trendelenburg position and then raise the upper end of the bed to maintain comfort

Using the Hegenberger Retractor

  • Place the patient in the lithotomy position, with legs correctly positioned in stirrups
  • Make sure the woman’s back is horizontal, since the weight of the uterus should be in the bed and not into the vagina
  • Do not use gel in the retractor
  • See the retractor as an extension of your fingers and place the retractor where the tear is located
  • For a medial perineal tear, place the retractor straight
  • For a lateral tear or an episiotomy, turn the retractor before positioning and place it sideways
  • Place the retractor all the way in, so the circles are resting under the labia majora, hold it still for 5 seconds and ask the woman to relax; when the woman relaxes, slowly let go of the retractor

“Around 90% of women tear during childbirth; however some women can suffer from more severe forms of tearing.”

Professor Alan Cameron
Vice President of Clinical Quality for The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

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