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Our vision

Our vision is to establish a market-leading position in UK sales of disposable gynaecological instruments within the next five years.

We want to build a reputation for offering the highest quality, innovative products and an unrivalled package of service and after-sale support. We believe that realising our vision will significantly improve usability and save time and money for healthcare professionals, while also reducing pain, increasing comfort and providing emotional reassurance for patients.

Our values

Our values are fundamental to how we work with our clients and each other and how we behave as a business:

    • Patient first and dedicated to quality – we understand that we have a profound effect on a patient’s experience of care
    • A genuine partner – we are committed to building long-term relationships and we understand that we achieve so much more together
    • Responsive and pioneering – we want to lead the market in both our product and service propositions
    • Energetic and restless – we are never complacent and always restless in our drive and desire to achieve more
    • Authentic and sensitive – we understand the sensitivity of the procedures in which our products are used and the discretion required
    • Responsible and loyal – we understand the importance of what we do and we are a trusted partner, fully accountable for our words, actions and commitments

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