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Who we work with

The market for MedCo’s innovative products covers both the NHS and private healthcare in the UK

We passionately believe that patients undergoing sensitive medical procedures and the healthcare professionals who care for them so well deserve the highest quality equipment that will enhance the experience and outcome. To ensure our products are well understood and widely available, we work closely and collaboratively with three key groups: distributors of healthcare products, healthcare professionals and patients.


Are you a distributor looking to add MedCo products to your existing range?

We work closely and collaboratively with distributors of healthcare products in every geographic region of the UK. We offer our distribution partners the highest quality products, manufactured by Wing Plast, an expert in the field, with a proven track record of excellence.

We believe that the quality of our products and our commitment to constant innovation represent exceptional value and that distributors who include MedCo products in their ranges will improve their own sales performance and increase their market share.

We look to establish long-term relationships with our distribution partners and so we offer an unrivalled package of service and after-sale support. We are building our distributor network selectively and we are developing a partnership scheme, offering rebates, privileges and incentives to our most valued distribution partners.

If you’re interested in distributing MedCo products in the UK, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Healthcare professionals

Are you a healthcare professional researching MedCo and our innovative product range?

We have a supportive and responsive relationship with healthcare professionals, the ‘users’ of MedCo products. We believe that they particularly value our support, understanding of the challenges they face and approach to shared innovation – working together to gather ideas that can be very quickly developed and brought to market.

We understand that for healthcare professionals like yourself, the priority is the quality, hygiene, safety, reliability and ease of use of our products.

We believe that our world-class products offer significantly improved usability and will ultimately improve the experience and outcome for patient and carer, while also saving time and money for healthcare organisations.

If you have any questions about MedCo or our products or have an idea you’d like to talk to us about, please get in touch.


Are you a patient, looking to find out more about MedCo and our products?

The ultimate beneficiaries of Medco’s innovative products are patients like yourself who are undergoing sensitive medical procedures. We understand that this could be an anxious time for you and it’s extremely important to us that you trust in the MedCo brand and understand that patient experience and outcome are at the very heart of all we do.

We exist to provide the highest quality, market-leading medical equipment to enhance the experience and outcome for patients and the healthcare professionals who care for them so well. Every member of our outstanding team is dedicated to continual innovation and evolution of our product range and utterly focused on our mission to ensure discretion, dignity, comfort, hygiene, safety, emotional reassurance and confidence for every one of the patients who need our help.

We understand that we can have a profound effect on your experience of care and you may wish to research the different product options on the market and form views or make treatment decisions based on what you learn. We want you to feel confident that our market-leading products of the highest quality will improve your experience from every perspective.

Please explore our site and find out more about our company and our innovative product range. If you have any unanswered questions, please do get in touch or talk to your healthcare professional.

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