Sometimes all you need is a big hug

The recommended treatment for babies with physiological jaundice is phototherapy (PT), which is traditionally delivered in hospital by overhead phototherapy units. Babies lie under lamps and are only taken out for brief periods to feed which can be very difficult and upsetting for new parents because they can’t hold their baby as and when they want to – potentially interfering with bonding. Once home, re-admission to hospital for treatment can be very disruptive to family life, stressful and upsetting for parents. Especially during the pandemic as visitors are restricted – fathers and partners may not see their baby whilst they are recieving treatment. PT treatment is most commonly required for around three to four days depending on severity of jaundice, cause and response to treatment.

However, a new piece of technology changes all that! Bilisoft phototherapy equipment delivers effective PT yet the blankets wrap around a baby for a prescribed length of time and allow them to be held, cuddled and fed as they normally would. The new equipment also means that some babies can receive PT at home with parental support. Using Intensive Light LED Blanket phototherapy during feeding helps to prevent interruption of intensive phototherapy for feeding/bonding purposes.

At Medco Solutions we pride ourselves on quality equipment and competent clinicians that’s why we focus on training, offering all maternity units using the Hegenberger a comprehensive training package. We filmed our digital training package with the product inventor, Malene Hegenberger, at Imperial Collage London and offered a donation of £1,000 as a thank you. We are delighted this will be used to buy Bilisoft Phototherapy equipment – transforming parents and newborns experience of jaundice treatment by keeping them at home together, supporting early bonding and reducing hospital admissions.