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Manufacturing capacity

Acon is a manufacturer with a capacity of over 200 mil tests per month and still increasing, there is an allocation within production of 8.5million tests per day specifically for the DHSC contract.

Pre-filled buffers

Come as standard with the Acon Flowflex test kits, this is designed to simplify user experience and ensure accurate self testing results.

Raw material in stock

Acon is one of the few factories with a high-level stock of key components like nitrocellulose membrane, this ensures fast mobilisation and improves initial lead times.

CE Self test

Acon Flowflex is one of the first 3 lateral flow tests that holds a CE certificate for Self-Test. This CE certificate is attached within the documentation provided.

Factory automation

Acon have significantly invested in their manufacturing facility and are one of the most highly automated operations, this brings costs down, ensures consistent product quality and improves capacity.

Proven track record

Acon have Successfully delivered on time and in full - bids awarded by Dutch MOH, German MOH, Austrian MOE (education), Czech MOE and Lithuania MOH. They have produced over 500M test kits since the outset of COVID 19.

High accuracy

One of the highest accuracy tests on the market with: Accuracy 99.3%, Sensitivity 97.1%, Specificity 99.6% this is verified by the clinical test reports provided.

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    July 2021 - Medco Solutions have been awarded a contract for 100 million Rapid Antigen Test Kits, which required going through a very stringent tender process, and requirement to deliver all of the first 50 million tests within 6 weeks, this project is on track to be delivered on time in full.

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    World Health Organization

    Medco Solutions designed and manufactured 1 million face visors to meet the stringent compliance requirements of the ‘WHO’. This was successfully delivered in January 2021 to the necessary WHO warehouse in Shanghai.

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