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Supplying rapid diagnostics based on a philosophy of high quality, affordability and superior flexibility.

Innovative and trusted

We offer an innovative and constantly evolving range of in vitro and molecular diagnostic products of the highest quality. Working closely with biotech specialists globally we have forged a high performance range of Point-of-care medical diagnostics affordable to people all around the world.

Reliable qualitative screening of Infectious Diseases is a core focus within this category with global distribution rights of the Flowflex range of products.



Guaranteed results in 15 minutes

Nasal swab specimens with non-intrusive collection methods, a comfortable solution!

Room temperature storage – with no clinical storage requirements

Excellent performance compared to molecular methods


Globally leading Sensitivity at 97.1%
Record breaking Specificity at 99.5%
Clinically verified Accuracy at 98.8%

Test highlights

Highly certified with a self-test CE mark

Engineered to meet sustainable goals with efficient product usability

Affordable to ensure all communities globally can test and keep their people safe

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    July 2021 - Medco Solutions have been awarded a contract for 100 million Rapid Antigen Test Kits, which required going through a very stringent tender process, and requirement to deliver all of the first 50 million tests within 6 weeks, this project is on track to be delivered on time in full.

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    World Health Organization

    Medco Solutions designed and manufactured 1 million face visors to meet the stringent compliance requirements of the ‘WHO’. This was successfully delivered in January 2021 to the necessary WHO warehouse in Shanghai.

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