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Why we exist

MedCo exists to provide the highest quality, market-leading medical equipment to enhance the experience and outcome for both patient and healthcare professional.

We offer an innovative and constantly evolving product range of medical equipment designed to enhance each patient’s experience and outcome when undergoing sensitive (and possibly distressing) medical procedures – while also proving effective and easy to use for the healthcare professionals caring for these patients. We put patients and their carers at the heart of everything we do and every member of our outstanding team is completely dedicated to ensuring discretion, dignity, safety and comfort – and providing emotional reassurance and confidence at what could be a very anxious time.

“Every member of the MedCo team is dedicated to the delivery of breakthrough products that will make a meaningful different to patients’ lives”

Ross Robertson
Managing Director

Our ambitions

We have big ambitions – and the passion to make them reality

At MedCo, we don’t want to be ‘just another healthcare provider’ – we want to do things differently and better. As a new business, we are keen to establish a reputation for offering the highest quality, innovative products and an unrivalled package of service and after-sale support. We want to become the ‘brand of choice’ in the minds of healthcare professionals and patients. We believe that delivering on our ambitions will significantly improve the experience and outcome for both healthcare professionals and patients. Join us on our journey!

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