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Medco’s COVID-19 response

25th March

As the world suffers under a pandemic here at medco we have looked carefully how we can assist healthcare organisation globally in the most effective way possible.

While we understand that it’s highly important to operate our usual specialist products, we have invested in extending our manufacturing operations in Sweden to meet this pandemic.

Our first product we have developed to meet demand is our Cetro v200 visor that has been designed a incredible light weight and user friendly visor that will be available to healthcares organisations across Europe. We have capacity for 2 million units to be produced a week and will be distributing these as fast as possible.

We will continue to work with specialists in the field and do everything we can as an organisation to make the biggest impact possible.

We thank all our customers that have worked with us through this difficult time and look forward to seeing you all when the crisis is past.

We trust that you and your families keep healthy and safe.

Best wishes

The medco team

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