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White balance cup for medical instruments

25th March

Anette Civilis who is an surgery nurse in Helsingborg got a brilliant idea to develop a tool to facilitate white balancing of surgeon cameras during surgery.

She contacted Innovation Skåne, who together with Wing Plast developed a white balance cup.

If you have a white balance cup, you can easily and quickly make a new white balance.

In endoscopic operations, a camera is used which connects to an optic and a light guide. These parts are unique, and in order to get a good image quality, one must white balance as part of the process for booting.

When you white balance you usually use a compress. It is not the easiest thing to get a smooth and white surface with a compress. There are often small shadows, and it is difficult to protect the optics from the surrounding light.

So for that reason, Anette though it would be great if you could get a sterile white balancing cup. Preferably a disposable, which you can use during surgery and in a quick and easy way white balance. Sometimes you also need to rebalance during the operation. It is irritating if it takes too long, the operators are waiting to get the optics back and get a good picture.

If you have a white balancing cup, you can easily and quickly make a white balance.

With this in mind, Anette contacted Innovation Skåne, who together with her and Wing Plast have developed a disposable product that you can use when white balancing in endoscopic operations.

This is a white balance cup, it is disposable, easy to use and sterile of course:

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